The new season is coming, follow our tips and renew your look! The spring collections for her are characterized by floral prints and contrasting colors. Proposals for him are oriented towards a relaxed tailoring, close to contemporary man.

To help you rearrange ideas, do not lose our guide about the trend this season for him and her and add to wishlist what you like most.

FOR HER - Oversize and versatile - DECONSTUCTED SHIRT

Classic shirting fabrics continue to evolve on the catwalks, confirming their presence as a seasonal essential. Versatile cotton poplins, twills and Oxford shirting create experimental silhouettes with a wide commercial viability.

    • Key Items: oversized shirts and cuts,sartorial and sportswear details
    • Colour palette: warm and cool whites, subtle blues and greys.

Deconstructed Shirt CampagnaDeconstructed Shirt Prodotti

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FOR HER - Layered silhouettes - LIGHTWEIGHT LAYERS

Layered silhouettes that move away from the body remain relevant for Spring-Summer 2017, creating an easy-to-wear trans-seasonal look. Parkas and trench coats are cut in lightweight technical fabrics that provide movement in generous shapes and lines. 

    • Key Items: trench and parka coats.
    • Colour palette: Tones of khaki and grey with yellow, red and blue highlights.

Lightweight CampagnaLightweight Prodotti

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FOR HER - Sixties are back - VIVID BLOOM

A range of vivid blooms will emerge in oversized scales and hyper-contrast colour-ways for maximum impact. Looking at the past with retro interior florals, while chrysanthemums and tropical flowers of Latin America in head-to-toe looks proved popular.

    • Key Items: sartorial jackets, leggings/tights/trousers, zips & pockets.
    • Colour palette: kaleidoscope of vivid yellows, oranges,reds, pinks, purples, blues and greens.

Vividbloom CampagnaVividbloom Prodotti

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FOR HIM - Sportswear calling - LIGHTWEIGHT LAYERS

The lightweight parka is a key piece in this Spring/Summer wardrobe; perfect for transitional layering. In oversized and parachute shapes, the parka is your statement piece and should be complimented with classics such as leather sneakers and plain tees.

    • Key Items: parachute-style parka, lightweight nylon coats in hi-tech fabrics.
    • Colour palette: single bold colours influenced by sportswear.

Lightweight Campagna UomoLightwwight Gif

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FOR HIM - Comfort is the new luxury - RELAXED TAILORING

Layered knitwear and lightweight coats, loose fit trousers and suede footwear are favoured over ties and pin-sharp tuxes. The soft palette of greys powder blues, charcoal and royal blue make this tailoring look as comfortable and easy to wear on the weekend as it is to the office.

    • Key Items: loose-fit trousers, leather trainers, soft & luxurious fabrics.
    • Colour palette: a tonal palette of light to mid greys, putties, pastel blue and navy.

Relaxed CampagnaRelaxed Prodotti

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