How to choose your fleece

A fleece is a versatile item of clothing that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Find out why and how to choose the perfect fleece for you in the Mountain Warehouse fleece clothing guide.

What is a fleece?

Fleece clothing is made from a manmade synthetic fibre (not to be confused with the woolly coat of a sheep or goat!). Most fleece is made from 100% polyester.

Fleece is the ideal material for a mid-layer as it is made from long lasting synthetic fibres that are able to trap air and keep you warm. Fleece tops are generally manufactured with different weights and varied technical features to suit different purposes.

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Types of fleece


Thin and lightweight microfleeces are a great mid-layer but are also ideal outerwear in milder weather.  A microfleece will provide a low level of insulation whilst the breathable properties make them perfect for active pursuits.

Weight is the key priority with this type of mid layer so you are unlikely to find features such as pockets or hoods.

Ideal for: General wear, walking or high energy activities such as running or skiing.


Mid-Weight Fleece

The most versatile and common fleece type, a mid-weight fleece is ideal for every-day wear and for many different activities.

Mid-weight fleeces have a higher level of insulation, comfort and breathability than microfleeces.

For example a mid weight fleece would perform well as an outer layer whilst on a country walk or as a warm layer under a waterproof jacket in the mountains.

Ideal for: Everyday, climbing and mountaineering, or in conditions where you require ease of movement, flexibility and you do not need a lot of extra insulation as you will be producing body heat naturally.


Textured Fleece

Textured fleece comes in many forms, most often a waffle or fluffy fleece will be described as textured. Our Yogi and Yeti textured fleece are super soft and perfect for keeping you warm on a winters day.

Ideal for: Every-day wear on cold autumn or winter days.


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