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For more than sixty years, DIM has been a household name in France, ranking yet again as the people’s favorite brand in January 2021 (in the pantyhose, men's underwear, and lingerie categories).

The story of DIM is about family, from babies and kids to women and men.

The DIM Family loves freedom, both of body & mind, and of movement & style. In line with its original values, DIM has been instrumental in the emancipation of women with the invention of pantyhose and, more recently, period panties. A transgenerational brand at heart, DIM has spent the last 10 years bringing to life other key priorities. These are the three pillars on which the brand continues to build its future: putting People and the Planet first, through its Products/Packaging. DIM clearly asserts itself as a brand that cares, both for the planet and the society we live in.

Find all your favorite products in stores at 30% off all year long.

Her brands include Dim, Champion, Playtex, Wonderbra, and Shock Absorber while His brands are Dim and Champion. Dim also cares for Babies & Children.


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