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Fabrizia Lanza sees the similar and asks rhetorically: "What does 'Arabian' mean? The more I read about it, the more confusing it is.

In Sicily we love bitter aromas, but every child does not like the bitter at first. Taste develops and manifests as we get older. It's the same with food culture.


Katie Parla confirms this and says that Apulian biscuits or sweets often contain dried fruits and are "extremely sweet." Before the Arabs came, they used "cooked Most and honey for sweetening."

The Arab peasants have also brought the orange tree to Europe via Sicily. The best oranges still come from Sicily, says the cheerful waiter with a distinctive voice, in which every guest starts from his espresso, from the breakfast bar. He reminds me a bit of Mario Batali ...  Every bite of the diverse food prepares a feeling of vacation and a taste explosion on the palate: That is how Julia Komp from the Association of German Cooks describes the oriental cuisine.In addition, this is very versatile: "Each Arab country has its peculiarities," she says.

And that starts with the appetizer. What are Italian antipasti or tapas for Spaniards are mezzes for the people of the Middle East. Pickled vegetables, baked goat's cheese, parsley salad, skewers with meatballs - often more than 30 delicacies are served. They are intended to stimulate the appetite, but can also replace a main meal. Many mezze are vegetarian. A correspondingly large role is played by vegetables - a reason why the Austrian nutritionist and trend researcher Hanni Rützler sees Middle Eastern cuisine high in the trend for the year 2018. "The new culinary impulses from the Levant - Syria, Jordan and Lebanon - are starting to give our food culture a completely new spin: it will become more casual, healthier, more aromatic and more cosmopolitan",   Rützler concludes.

In addition, the flavors of the Middle East travel north "

أهلا وسهلا بك إلى مطعم دبي


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