Gmundner Keramik

Gmundner Keramik


Visit our new Gmundner Keramik store on the lower ground floor and discover the different colours and designs.

Gmundner Keramik

It is the handcraft that makes Gmundner Keramik so special. Manufactured and painted with love by hand. Each piece is unique.

Gmundner Keramik is defined by distinctive designs, timeless classiness, luminous colours on bright white glaze and smooth ceramic shapes.

All products are 100% produced in Austria. The blending of raw materials, the process of turning, the painting – everything takes place at our manufactory in Upper Austria, Gmunden.

Inspired by the beautiful landscape and the friendliness of people, Gmundner Keramik mirrors the Austrian way of life, hospitality, coziness and joy.

Get in touch with this special way of life and the world of Gmundner Keramik.

The Gmundner Keramik Team is looking forward to your visit!

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