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Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers

cool fashion

Thanks to the alternating smooth and rippled texture of the seersucker fabric, you will not sweat even on hot days.

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Keep Cool in Seersucker 

In 1930, Brooks increased the collective cool factor of the country when it introduced seersucker to an overheated American public. The term “seersucker” is derived from the Persian words for “milk and sugar” and refers to the alternating smooth and puckered texture of the fabric.

This crinkly weave promotes breathability and the circulation of air—and prevents the fabric from sticking to you during the 
summer days. Capitalizing on the popularity of seersucker, Brooks Brothers introduced a suit made from the cloth as part of its so-called Palm Beach Craze of 1935. More than 80 years later, seersucker has expanded to include everything from shorts to shirts and even a tuxedo.
(you heard that correctly)

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