The Newlyweds Card

Introducing a new form of wedding list for newlyweds.

Designer Outlet Salzburg is offering an innovative product which makes giving and receiving gifts for newlyweds and their guests easier than ever before – the Newlyweds Card.

How it works:

You start by selecting Designer Outlet Salzburg as the place you want to source your presents from. In addition to fashion retailers, you can also shop at classic wedding suppliers such as Villeroy & Boch, Möve, WMF, Home & Cook, Rosenthal, Bassetti, Lambert Home Interieur and Le Creuset, and even buy your honeymoon luggage from Samsonite.

We will send you bank account details and a personal code so that payments made by your wedding guests are automatically assigned to your Newlyweds Card

After a certain date specified by you, we will send you your gift vouchers and you can shop for wedding gifts at Designer Outlet Salzburg to your heart’s desire

Advantages for newlyweds:

All products are available year-round at savings of 30-70% on the recommended retail price.

As a bonus, we will credit an additional 10% of the total amount you receive to your Newlyweds Card. See all advantages here.

You will also receive an additional 10% off the numerous designer brands at the centre on all purchases made with the Newlyweds Card.

As soon as the first payments are received from your guests, we will issue your first Newlyweds Card – before your wedding day. This means that you will be able to use it to make important purchases before the big day, including shopping for wedding outfits.

A glass of champagne at Hillinger Lounge is on us.

You will receive an itemised list of all incoming payments.

No time pressure: the gift card does not have an expiry date.

Advantages for wedding guests:

Major time savings – no need to pick up gifts for display on the traditional gift  table at the reception.

Your guests can spend precisely the amount on wedding gifts that they wish to.

We also give your guests a 10% bonus if they purchase a gift voucher for  themselves to the same value as the payment they make.


An incoming payment of EUR 500 translates into credit of EUR 550 for the married couple.

If a wedding guest also purchases a EUR 500 voucher for themselves, they too will receive a 10% bonus and have EUR 550 credited.


We look forward to hearing from you at and 0662/2544-0.

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