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The BOSS brand offers modern and sophisticated collections, with great attention to quality and design to create  impeccable looks - both in a formal and casual context, and also with  athleisure wear offer.

BOSS Menswear

BOSS Menswear is recognized for its very high sartorial quality, but offers much more besides the perfect dress. The collections also include casual and athleisure for the complete wardrobe for modern and hectic lifestyles attitude. 

Tailored and sporty garments merge into a perfect look for every moment of the day.

BOSS Womenswear

BOSS Womenswear covers all the needs of modern life, from formal looks, to casual wear, to outfits for the evening occasion, with an emphasis on tailored garments. Timeless styles with a fresh and avant-garde touch are an essential part of the collection, as are the luxury items for leisure time. These two sides of the BOSS woman often meet in the look combining style and comfort.


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