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Celebrating International Women’s Day all month with featured artists, the WKNDRS.

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International Women's Day

Join us in getting to know Rachel Rivera and Claire Ouchi, also known as the WKNDRS, and the talented duo behind the latest local art installation on display at McArthurGlen Vancouver.


5 Quick Question Series

Question 1: What was your inspiration for the project?
The WKNDRS: "We were inspired by McArthurGlen's rich London history, while combining bold, contemporary aesthetics to elevate the McArthurGlen experience."

Question 2: Do you have a name for the artwork created?
The WKNDRS: "The artwork names are 'Liberty London' and 'Curated Contemporary'"

Question 3: What does it mean to you to be featured for IWD?
The WKNDRS: "It means the world for us to be featured, not only as women of colour but also artists in our field. We love to represent our world and craft and love to share this with the community."

Question 4: How do you define your style of art?
The WKNDRS: "We look to question and push the boundaries of where art can be created and seen, everything is a canvas."

Question 5: Last question! What do you love most about Vancouver? 
The WKNDRS: "The best part about Vancouver is the diverse culture in all respects - art, food, and design! Also, the fact that you can hang out by the ocean, go on a hike in the mountains and go to an awesome restaurant in one day is pretty epic too."

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