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For me, it’s the fresh start

Everything you need for the Back To… season

September is the season for fresh starts and new outlooks. Whether you’re going back to school or college, heading back to work or renewing your gym membership, it’s time to get your bag together.

Autumn marks a fresh start and this year it’s time to get set for a new season refresh. While January is the obvious start of the new calendar year, it’s September and October that make us feel like revamping our wardrobes, taking on new perspectives and making real, positive changes to our lives.

Perhaps your children are going back to school and that means a new start for you too? As well, of course, as ensuring they have their new outfits, school supplies and sports pack ready, you might want to brainstorm your own outfits ideas, whether it’s for a new job or securing that promotion you keep dreaming about. Autumn is the ideal time of year to get fit and healthy - and a great excuse to invest in a new gym outfit.

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