Adidas Originals Footwear

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adidas is the height of cool from its sportswear right through to its fashion lines.

The adidas logo is recognised as a symbol of quality sports footwear all over the world. Whether it's running, football, tennis or golf, adidas uses the latest technology to give its customers an extra edge when they take to the field.

From retro styles like its famous Samba shoe to its more fashionable Style range, adidas is more than just a sports brand. Its styles have become a staple of fashion world and an icon of pop culture.

In This store we exclusivley offer Originals Footwear & Accessories.
You can find products for children in our exclusive Kids Store in Unit 63. 
And the entire Adidas range, as usual, in our Adidas Store in Unit 7A. 

Adidas Originals Footwear

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