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O’Neill – the original Californian surf, snow and lifestyle brand – was founded in 1952 by Jack O’Neill, proud pioneer of the world’s first wetsuit. His invention & craftsmanship empowered surfers to ride longer, a feat which would change the modern surf landscape. Ever since these landmark years, many of Jack’s visions have echoed throughout generations of athletes in surf and snow. O’Neill has captured this innovative spirit and aptly translated it into stylish & highly functional products. From its humble Northern California roots to the global brand evolution, O’Neill has transformed into a global lifestyle icon for sports such as surfing, skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding. In touch with its rich heritage and the universal riding culture, O’Neill will always be committed to progressing the evolution of action sports and its reputation as one of the staple youth lifestyle brands.


Welcome to the Age of Unreason.

O’Neill’s expectations have always been unreasonable. This means, above all, that we have unreasonably high expectations of ourselves, of what we do and how we do it.

This approach helps us to push our passion for quality higher, and then higher still. It in forms our approach to design, to style, function and comfort in everything that we make. It also affects how we, as a company, impact the world we live in.

Our 2015/16 Fall Winter collection reflects these ideals in a way that we’re immensely proud of. From technical gear for serious backcountry that somehow still looks good on or off the hill; to surf and exercise clothing you can wear in the water or down the street, to our incredible innovative fibres developed from ocean garbage as part of our positive-solution collaborations – we think you’ll agree that unreasonable expectations really can take you higher.


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