Fashion Week Berlin

Fashion Week Berlin

Dawid Tomaszewski powered by McArthurGlen

That's how it was at the show of designer Dawid Tomaszewski...

Liquids SS18 - by Dawid Tomaszewski powered by McArthurGlen

Dawid Tomaszewski draws his inspiration for this year's SS19 from the most diverse areas of life. As an artist, he has the ability to see the beauty and the special in a variety of things, whether fashion, architecture, nature or art.
After the Japanese influence of the last summer collection, the world tour continues and leads this year to Hawaii - "Honolulu". The Hawaiian metropolis, with a typical aloha flair and fresh new motifs, runs through the collection like a red thread. Dawid Tomaszewski dives into the unruly variety and dazzling colors of the underwater world. With coral patterns he breaks up the typical Bauhaus patterns and thus reinterprets them in a completely new way.

Dawid Tomaszewski remains true to its elegant cuts and high-quality materials in this collection as well. The designer works exclusively with luxurious and elaborate fabrics, such as silk, sequins, embroidery and sumptuous prints that give the collection a sense of timeless elegance and ease.


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