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Sportswear is being spotted everywhere this season. No longer confined to the gym, 2020 sees major sportswear trends infiltrating your wardrobe from all angles. Stay informed and on top of the looks that will give you your best performance, from high-tech staples to colour blocking and the latest branded pieces for everyday wear.

Men’s sportswear has never been so dynamic. The athleisure trend continues unabated, but with a sharp focus on retro-inspired, multifunctional pieces that blur the line between gym kit and street wear. Colour blocking is all over social – try it out in contemporary hues to keep it fresh. Find head-to-toe neutrals, neon brights and blackout total looks in store now. The fashion world has renewed its love affair with the logo. Be prepared to embrace matching tracksuits and cap-to-trainer co-ords celebrating the brands you love. Finally, new fabric technologies are coming together with cutting edge design in a new gen wave of gimmick-free, high performance wear. Confused? Don’t sweat it. Don’t sweat it. We’ve decoded all the most important menswear trends not to miss at <OUTLET>. So whether you like your sportswear driven by performance, style, or both, dive in to our how-to guide. 

Push harder in high performance wear that really works

We’re demanding more from our sportswear than ever before. Brands are tapping into new tech to meet those needs, without skimping on style. But this isn’t about gimmicks and flashiness. Taking their lead from the catwalk, labels are pushing fabrics in new ways, with a focus on sustainable, functional designs that will stand the test of time. Innovative sweat-wicking materials and muscle compression technology can be found in wardrobe essentials from Nike, adidas and Under Armour , to help you get the most out of your gym session. Want to test out the latest body reactive, climate controlled gym-wear? Try the North Face. We love the latest high-tech sport tops and shorts, and responsive-cushioned chunky trainers that deliver on performance as well as style. Shop the new arrivals in store, where we’ve curated cutting-edge men’s performance wear, with savings of up to 70% off RRP. 

90s nostalgia continues apace 

Why buy two outfits when one can serve your needs for both gym and leisure? Multi-functionality and versatility are again the buzzwords when it comes to sportswear this season, but now with an added retro twist. With a shout out to the 90s, tracksuits and chunky trainers are back, combining comfort and style while keeping you bang on trend. Not sure where to start? Try cotton branded sweatshirts from <BRAND>,  a padded sports jacket from <BRAND> or popper side stripe trousers from <BRAND>. They will soon become the wardrobe essentials you don’t know how you lived without. PS don’t be afraid of the ugly trainer, this look is here to stay. Pair with jeans and a padded hoodie to up wearability and stay on the right side of the trend. Shop the brands nailing athleisure at <OUTLET> now, with special offers of up to <xx>% to get you started.  

Brand Fan

Logos florieren im neuen Jahr

Achtung Markenfans: Das stolze Tragen nur eines Designers von Kopf bis Fuß ist jetzt offiziell OK. Die Modewelt befindet sich im 90er-Jahre-Revival-Fieber, und Sportbekleidung ist da keine Ausnahme. Genau aufs Stichwort haben Heritage-Marken wie <BRAND> und <BRAND> ihre alten Klassiker neu aufgelegt, so dass man den One-Brand-All-Over-Look mit einem Vintage-Touch ausprobieren kann, während neue Sportswear-Marken wie <BRAND> und <BRAND> den Look in frische neue Must-haves interpretieren. Wenn Sie also das nächste Mal ins Fitnessstudio gehen, warum nicht die monogrammierte Mütze, das Oberteil, die Jogginghose und die Turnschuhe tragen? Wenn Sie bereit sind, fügen Sie übergroße Logos hinzu, um diesen Trend wirklich anzunehmen. Unter <OUTLET> finden Sie die Inspiration, die Sie für die Nutzung der Monomarken-Ästhetik benötigen, mit Rabatten von bis zu xx>%.  

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