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In defining the Trussardi brand, one phrase comes to mind: ‘Ahead of its time’.

Founded in Bergamo as a gloves manufacturer in 1911, Trussardi is now a global name, one which can no doubt lay claim to being the first Italian ‘lifestyle’ brand.

Renowned in the 1980's as a visionary with a contagious zest for life, Nicola Trussardi created the concept of lifestyle as an accessible brand experience. Boldly challenging the conventions of fashion and luxury, Trussardi represented a way of life: “prêt-à-vivre”, encompassing everything from clothing and accessories to home design, art, food, and everything in between.

The vision of accessible and dynamic lifestyle remains steadfast at our core.

Trussardi marries timeless elegance with a global mindset, infused all the while with an authentic Milanese soul.

Virtual Shopping

Prefer to shop from the comfort of your home? TRUSSARDI is pleased to offer you an exclusive virtual shopping experience. Please contact the store team via WhatsApp at +34 611 382 038


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