L'Occitane en Provence

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At L'Occitane, every ingredient is synonymous with authenticity, respect and a sensorial experience.
The story began in 1976, in Provence, when Olivier Baussan created L'Occitane. Having purchased a distillation still, he gathered some wild rosemary and extracted its essential oil. He then used this oil to make shampoos, which he sold at the local markets.
AUTHENTICITY Behind every one of its creations, there is always a true story inherited from the traditions of Provence – or elsewhere.
INSPIRING THE SENSES The effective beauty products are the result of bringing together tradition, nature and research. From its texture to its fragrance, a L’Occitane product always offers a delicious moment of well-being and sensory delight.
RESPECT L’Occitane is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its actions and products, to improving the well-being of both its customers and employees, and to supporting the causes close to its heart whenever possible. Through braille labelling, the brand strives to make our products accessible to visually impaired people. Through both the company and the L'Occitane Foundation, it continues its efforts to further develop these commitments.




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