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New store Eden Park

New store Eden Park

New store opening

Open since April 26th

Come and discover the universe of the brand with its pink bow tie!
The story of Eden Park began in 1987, when two players decided to create a high-end clothing brand. Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc, then students, applied their creative and offbeat spirit to the conceptualization of a brand whose inspiration and codes come from an extraordinary and authentic history.

In the tradition of some athletes with a sporty and atypical approach, they have cultivated an offbeat style, mixed with an elegance of every moment. Driven by a taste for paradox and attention to detail, they create a true Eden Park style, whose icon is the rugby jersey in all its forms. Eden Park draws on its authentic rugby roots to offer the widest variety of rugby jerseys, some of which wear the brand's emblematic colours or mottos.

Recognizable either by its symbolic logo - the pink bow tie - or by a distinctive colour and graphic identity, the brand's creations are worked with high standards, so as to always cover the brand's legitimate territory. Eden Park's name comes from the name of Auckland's rugby stadium in New Zealand, the rugby Mecca: the scene of the first World Cup in which one of the brand's founders, Franck Mesnel, participated as a player in 1987.

Find at Eden Park, the clothes that make the brand's success, at reduced prices!

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