American Vintage

From 18 May

American Vintage announces a unique and relaxed Spring/Summer season.

Through a summer camp style revisited as a major theme, this collection is aimed at those who are nostalgic for summer camps and life
in community.


This season, the American Vintage man approaches summer as a return to his roots in favour of his summer camp years. Inspired by his travels to the
In the United States, he plays with the codes of this universe, adopting many of the essentials, in cotton and linen. Like his gang of friends with whom he shares this
a summer adventure, he prefers resistant canvases, ideal for outdoor use. The denim, for example, that he collects in all forms, constituting
and a complete jean look, composed of shorts, jackets and pants. Imbued with this period of American summer camp, his style also evolves towards
a retro Californian spirit, translated by brightly coloured pieces, such as fluorescent yellow shorts, a green navy suit, or revisited Hawaiian shirts.
For him, the Spring/Summer 2018 collection is therefore ideal: it allows him to differentiate himself while going to the essential. So, parka, teddy, shorts well
cotton cut and t-shirts, are still part of its timeless. American Vintage allows her to keep a proud look, and subtly reflects her personality
A man of character, all in simplicity.

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