in McArthurGlen Troyes

Discover the extraordinary Anne-Charlotte challenge, an employee of McArthurGlen Troyes for the past 15 years. She has joined "Half Marathon des Sables" to support an association for disabled people.


 Follow the exceptional adventure in which Anne-Charlotte has embarked.

Dynamic, smiling and a happy mother of two young boys, she is our technical coordinator at the McArthurGlen centre in Troyes.

Her job consists of managing day-to-day matters relating to security, maintenance, green spaces and works in conjunction with the centre's service providers and shops. For several years now, she has been responsible for monitoring the centre's compliance with regulations for people with disabilities.
Touched by this cause, it was during a discussion with a shop manager that she discovered the association "Aime comme Mila" and the daily struggle of Mila, 5 years old, suffering from a neurodegenerative disease. Walking, cycling and going on holiday require adapted equipment for Mila, but also the help of experts for other activities (floatation tank sessions, horse therapy). In addition, this association helps the parents of sick or disabled children.
Anne Charlotte, aware of the involvement of Mila's parents, immediately wanted to act! Being a fighter and a sportswoman, she set herself a challenge with Anne, her childhood friend: Run the Half Marathon Des Sables in Jordan from 12 to 18 November 2022 for Mila, because everything is possible for her. And it is a busy and emotional programme that awaits them.  
3 months of preparation, 4 days in the desert, 3 days of intense races (30km), a planned stop in Petra... Stay tuned on our Instagram account and don't miss the follow-up of the stages!
In the meantime, if like Anne-Charlotte you want to help Mila, a Leetchi collection is in place. Donations will be given to the association Aime comme Mila, because we strongly believe in the impact of this project!
Marathon des sables

Retour en image sur l’aventure exceptionnelle dans laquelle s’est lancée Anne-Charlotte.

Et voilà, l'incroyable aventure d'Anne-Charlotte est terminée !
A travers ses photos qu'elle a pu nous envoyer tout au long du séjour, vous pouvez plonger dans l'extraordinaire paysage de la Jordanie.
Un incroyable défi qu'a su relever Anne-Charlotte en parcourant ces 100km en 22h !! Elle a pu aussi se positionner très haut dans le classement puisqu'elle est arrivée 41ème au classement femme et 80ème au classement mixte.
Aussi, Anne-Charlotte et Anne ont pu récolter plus de 1100€ afin d'aider les parents de Mila dans leurs achats nécessaires pour Mila.
Une aventure qui ne se termine pas, puisque vous pouvez toujours apporter votre soutien à l'Association Aime comme Mila

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