Pop up Serge Blanco

Pop up Serge Blanco

Discover Serge Blanco pop up store

Enjoy the pop up store to discover Serge Blanco

SERGE BLANCO has been dressing men for more than twenty five years.

While polos and shirts, and by extension, a whole range of tops are well known as the original specialty of the brand, SERGE BLANCO now provides a complete range for men, including shoes, accessories, perfumes and luxury leather bags.

SERGE BLANCO now offers a complete male dressing room enriched with a line of shoes, accessories and a leather goods collection. 

The SERGE BLANCO's collections indicate a shift in the development of the brand, towards the redefinition of chic sportswear and the emotional interpretation of these shared values of rugby.

Trousers have become one of the main assets of SERGE BLANCO’s brand. They are the perfect illustration of how we create comfort without compromising on style: most of our trousers contain lycra for a perfect sensation of stretch and flexibility.

 The "Power Twist" range brings a huge innovation, thanks to a revolutionary stretch denim, which allows the jeans to perfectly fits your body and follow all your moves.

"Serge Blanco is the perfect mix between sportswear chic and rugby values"

From ultra light down jackets to warmer coats, we have used a new, eco-friendly fiber in the filling of our clothes. This fiber guarantees extremely effective insulation against cold, even warmer than duck down or feathers. This innovation illustrates our commitment to addressing ecological issues and respecting the environment.

 Noble materials give character and comfort to all of our clothez (Japanese fabrics, Italian threads, merino, cashmere, lycra) whose parts are subject to many treatments (washing, brushing, dyeing done manually) in order to make them unique and give them that incomparable look and feel.

In order to suit everybody, SERGE BLANCO offers a wide range of sizes, from XS to 6XL.

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