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It never stops surprising !

Meet T-Vy, our finalist to the World’s Fastest Sandwich Artist® for Subway.

Do you know the World’s Fastest Sandwich Artist ? It is a big contest held by Subway, where employees of the restaurant all over the world can participate in. And at McArthurGlen Troyes, we have one of the finalist of this big event ! Let us introduce you the person who will represent our Subway during the final competition held in Toronto this summer!

Tell us more about yourself

My name is T-Vy LAO, I’am 27 and I have been working at Subway for 4 years. I began as a food service coordinator, then I was promoted junior manager and today, I am manager.

Can you tell us more about your educational background?

After Year 10, I started an apprenticeship in sales: I have always worked in restauration and especially in sandwich shops. After my graduation, I was hired in a restaurant in Troyes, then I worked in another restaurant before beginning my career at Subway.

How the idea of participating in this competition came to you?

At Subway, there is a big awareness on the events put in place: it is a way to challenge the teams, to make them more dynamic and proactive, so that they always try to outdo themselves. And it’s always a success: the team members are always keen to take part in those events and there are always many attendees. Every 4 years, we have a big Convention where each manager is invited and it’s at the end of this event that the contest takes place: it’s always an exciting time, eagerly awaited by the franchisees. The contest is animated in the American style, with a good atmosphere, and great music.

How did you get selected for this final contest?

First, each restaurant presents one of its team members to the local competition. Once selected, there’s the regional contest, with a dozen finalists and then we can go to the final of the national contest, where the competition is between 30 attendees. The winners are then invited to join the international contest, which takes place in America. This year, the final will be in Toronto.

Under what conditions this contest is carried out? Upon which criteria are you evaluated?

Every contest is carried out the same way, no matter if this the local, the regional, the national or even the international one. We are all evaluated on the same criteria. We all have 30cm sandwich, already pre-cut (because we can’t use knife) and the recipe is imposed to us : each competitors has to do the same. We are obviously timed: if we go beyond 1min, we are disqualified. There are several requirements in order to win:

• The time we take to realise the sandwich
• The very precise order in which we put each ingredient
• The respect of the quantity
• The final visual of the sandwich

Everything is checked, even the number of napkins given with the sandwich in the very end. We also have penalties given by added seconds in our final time. During my regional final for instance, I had a penalty of +3 seconds because I put one extra napkin. I was qualified for the international final with 43seconds.

What is the point for you?

On a personal level, it’s already an important element of self-gratification, we are really pleased to go that far in an international contest. There is a lot of recognition, of pride and kindness from my colleagues, it’s very encouraging.

Mme. Boudhina, restaurant manager: For us, it’s a real source of satisfaction as well, we are happy to have T-Vy in our team, we are very proud of her! It’s the first time that we go that far, we usually lose during the regional contest. We can’t wait to support her in Toronto this summer, for the big final!

T-Vy : It’s a really big opportunity to be in final because each finalist is offered a week of holidays in Toronto where everything is taken care,  as part of the Convention. The international winner will get 10 000$ as well as a week of holidays in the United States, in all inclusive, with the person of their choice!

Finally, on a professional level, it’s very fulfilling and rewarding, I received a bonus and new responsibilities…

What are your future goals?

Here, at Subway, I have a real perspective of evolution. I run the restaurant in almost full autonomy and my managers trust me. I want to learn more about the administration because I’m not at ease yet with this. It’s very fulfilling and exciting because Subway is changing: by 2020, we will have the new concept with a new décor, more modern.

Then, my biggest personal goal is to run my own business. I would really love to open my restaurant. I’m inspired by the concept of Subway, I think it’s convenient! I’d like my customers to have the choice of each ingredient as well, but my goal is to open an Asian restaurant.

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