Petite Fleur

Closed - Open from 09:00 - 22:00

Warm light, soft colors, classic furniture, piano ... picture that take us on a magical journey to Paris. The fairy tale scene of Petite Fleur is being complete with jazz music that pops out of vinyl records on an old record-deck and gives melodies to the atmosphere.

Everything rolls calmly and effortlessly under Frank Sinatra's alert look.

100% Arabica coffee, aromatic tea, wine, cocktails, and homemade sweets - all with organic ingredients - are the catalog products that are daily prepared with love and care.

All of our hot drinks are served in porcelain teapots matching a gilded mug.

Only here you will find the most aromatic, tasty and viscous chocolate of Athens, made from the genuine French organic chocolate Valhrona, which is traditionally prepared in bain marie from authentic chocolate plates and organic milk.

The scent of chocolate that melts, awakens all the senses.

Combine it with orange, pink pepper or natural vanilla extract and give a different note to its taste.


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