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Funky Buddha was founded in 2003 in Greece, by two young brothers. Driven by passion and intuition, they created clothes that are “canvasses of expression” and give to consumers the ability to be themselves and differentiate from the crowd. Clothes of the highest quality, comfortable and affordable, that match each person, expressing his or her personality.

The tees and the cargo shorts of the first Funky Buddha collection became a direct hit, surpassing expectations and setting the standards for further expansion of the brand. Today, the company is offering an ever increasing line of t-shirts, polos and shorts as well as a variety of outerwear such as jackets, knits and hoodies. Funky Buddha has recently launched its denim collection, perfectly aligned with the total funky look and philosophy. This winter, the company launched its women’s range, which will be substantially enriched next summer!

Funky Buddha offers dynamic, comfortable, uplifting and expressive clothes, paying extreme attention to quality and details. It reflects enthusiasm, freedom of expression and difference in style that all those who feel authentic, creative, daring and confident are looking for! All those who don’t just follow fashion but think of it as a mean of expression. This is the philosophy and priorities of Funky Buddha.

The collections are daring, influenced by music, arts, intense feelings, travelling, love for the environment and modern ways of expression. Every season, the company designs clothes full of innovative ideas, by enriching the latest trends.


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