Shopping tax-free

More savings, more smiles

Guests visiting from outside the EU as well as UK guests can receive a tax refund on their purchases. To shop tax-free with us guests must:
- Be permanently resident outside the EU
- Depart the EU within 90 days of their purchase
- Spend a minimum of €50 in the same store on the same day


Shopping tax-free is easy:
1) Ask our friendly store staff for a tax refund form for each receipt.
Our store staff will help you complete your form. When shopping in Greece, please bring your passport, or a scanned copy, to present in-store.
2) Validate your forms before leaving the EU.
Present your receipts, completed tax refund forms, passport and purchases at the airport customs desk/self-service kiosk before you check-in.
3) Receive your refund.
Visit our onsite Tax Refund Office to receive your refund in-centre or present your validated forms and passport at the airport refund desk or dedicated post boxes.
For more refund options and information visit our onsite Tax Refund Office.

In centre/ In city tax refunds:

  • When paying for your purchases (Check minimum purchase amount and the rules that apply to the partner you are claiming your tax refund with, in that country), ask each store for a VAT receipt and a Tax-Free Form with your purchase
  • At the Tax-Free Refund Point, you must present a fully completed Tax-Free Form, your original purchase receipts and the card you have used to pay for your purchases issued in your name and valid for at least 6 months (check specific validity periods that apply with the partner you are claiming your tax refund with). In Greece, you also need to present your passport and a valid credit card when applying for your tax refund in centres (not necessarily the same you used for your purchase; for example using a Union Pay credit card is valid for purchases but is not always accepted as a valid card for Tax refunds.)
  • Here you will receive your tax refund, however, it is still necessary to receive the customs stamp on your Tax-Free Form, with your passport and receipts, at the airport when departing the EU

In airport refunds:
  •  When paying for your purchases, ask each store for a VAT receipt and a Tax-Free Form with your purchase
  • At the airport, go to the Customs desk and present your completed Tax-Free Form, passport, receipts and purchases to get a stamp on your form
  • Then go to the Tax Refund Service Point at the airport to claim your refund
Minimum purchase amount per country to be eligible for a Tax Refund: 


Minimum  Purchase Amount (EUR) 

Standard VAT rate 

(Up to %)     

Customs Stamp Validity 




6 months 



  19% * 

4 years  




3 months ** 




Go to eValidation 
desks Vienna airport 




No time limit 




3 years 


No minimum spends 


4 years 




3 months 

decreased to 16% until 31st December 2020 
** You must present your passport, or a scanned copy, in-store when purchasing tax free goods 
***17% in some islands