Back to School

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Discover amazing kidswear, 35-70% off.

McArthurGlen Designer outlet Athens is the ultimate shopping destination for the family and of course for our little friends that are going back to school. Find everything you wish for your kids discovering our proposals. 

Clothes: Hoodie Benetton, t-shirt Benetton, set Marasil, t-shirt Axel, tights Benetton, set Bodytalk, trousers Benetton, jean Axel, set Bodytalk
Shoes: Trainers Adidas, sneakers Vans, sneakers Nak, αθλητικά Puma, sneakers Nak, ballerines Νak, ballerines Tsakiris Mallas, ballerines Καλογήρου, 
School Essentials: Eastpack, backpack & pencil case Kippling - House & Travel, Adidas, trolley, pencil case & backpack Giraffe Toys

Clothes: Jacket Benetton, set Marasil, trousers Benetton, set Bodytalk, trousers Benetton, set Adidas, jacket Benetton, jean Benetton, set Bodytalk
Shoes: Sneakers Adidas, trainers Puma, sneakers Vans, trainers Geox, boots Tsakiris Mallas, boots Kickers - Κalogirou, 
School Essentials: backpack Eastpack, backpack Kippling - House & Travel, backpack Adidas, pencil case Kippling - House & Travel, backpack Eastpack, backpack Star Wars - Giraffe Toys, backpack Supermaln - Giraffe Toys, backpack Eastpack, backpack Minions - Giraffe Toys, backpack Mickey - House & Travel

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