Let's Discover the secrets of the sea

with WWF Hellas

What is the future of our seas? Will they always be full of fish or day by day they lose life? How we can protect them and why the solution is up to us?

Saturday 5 October 
11.00 – 15.00
kids workshop, 1st floor
These and many more secrets of the sea will be discovered by our little friends along with WWF Hellas (from 3 years old). 


1. Kids give voice to the sea and the fishes. They create their colorfull boat and pick a secret message from the sea.
2. Kids learn to say 'No' to the little fishes via games. 
3. Our little friends turn the pages of the calendar and learn why we cannot consume all fishes all year long.

Don't forget to take your underwater pictures in WWF's photobooth. 

The activations are part of the Fish Forward campaign, co-funded from European Union and taking place in 17 countries, aiming to inform and and create awareness for the responsible consume of fish. 

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