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This is the motto of ANIYE BY’s creative director, Alessandra Marchi, who describes herself as a fan of re-vintage, i.e. giving a new life to something that was once something else. She loves looking for "yesteryear clothes" then reassembling them with a fine-tailored touch to recreate unique, original pieces with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit. 

A form of recycling that makes the everyday eternally new. She works with her team and leaves her creations to talk about her. Her creative flair is seen in her choice of materials and fine detailing. Her workspace and its atmosphere say a lot about her imagery: large and small reassembled gates are used as lacy metal partitions, on the walls are curtains reinvented with fine tailoring fabrics from the past and lengths of macramé, plus her personal archive of clothes and accessories acquired during her worldwide travels.

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