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Ciesse Piumini was born in 1976. Already specialised in the down processing, the brand enters the world of clothing, producing technical down jackets.

Ciesse immediately became the first Italian brand that stands out for innovations, quality and reliability, using technical materials such as Gore-Tex. Ciesse's DNA is rooted among the climbs on the Hymalay's peaks and expeditions to the Antarctic region.

Due to the great versatility of the brand, Ciesse Piumini's success spreads into the fashion industry during the 80's. From that moment on Ciesse remains a protagonist in the world of the outwear, both in the Italian and Foreign markets.

Thanks to its continuous technological and Stylistic research, the brand offers versatile products with a very high quality-price ratio. The innovative 800 Fill Power padding is key strength to gather with light and modern-looking fabrics.

Along its fashionable side, its adventurous and sporty soul continues to exist through Ciesse Outdoor: the true essence of Ciesse Poured into technical and Highly performing products.

Ciesse Outdoor, which has become a real brand, stands right next to its namesake brother, offering a mountain line and a ski line clothing, ranging from the shell jackets to the stretch down jackets, to outdoor-inspired garments designed for an urban use.


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