The Christmas Store

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The Mission of The Christmas Store – by Mr. Christmas is to discover every day the feelings of Christmas, in the fascinating setting of out themed stores open all year.

Our personalized items are the artistic representation of a frame of our clients life, of those who want to tell a story, celebrate an event or an anniversary.

Every Mr. Christmas item is a big emotion wrapped up in a small piece of art.

All of Mr. Christmas products come from our artists’ fantasy, who choose the subjects and the scenes to replicate, and then come to life through our skilled craftsmen’s hands.

Every single item is realized on the mold and hand-painted but it will be considered truly finished only after it will be personalized as directed by the client, directly in the store by our decorators.

The relationship with the client is our starting point and main focus!

To personalize means to know, to listen, and be able to portray the desires of those who are interested in our products.

The decorators you will find in our stores are carefully trained to establish with our customers connections of empathy, more and more emotional and humanized, deep and intense.

The rest is Magic. The Magic of Christmas.

The Christmas Store

The Magic of Christmas


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