Loriblu unveils its secrets.

Discover in more details this 100% Made in Italy luxury brand.



Creativity and handcraft meet class and design. Loriblu’s women shoes stand out thanks to their elegance and luxury orientation. The most refined, essential and impeccable design marry high quality fabrics thanks to productive and stylistic technologies. The Loriblu’s core product is the Jewel shoe.

Strong, mature and elegant, the company grows abroad pointing on its unique creations. Loriblu is made of successes and challenges. It is a made in Italy story born at Porto Sant’Elpidio, still prospering there. The luxury handcraft tradition is combined to the continuous aesthetic research to create sandals, décolletés, slingback and sneakers.

I think and I create, I fall in love with my sketches.

Graziano Cuccù, Loriblu's founder and CEO

Loriblu is a famous made in Italy footwear brand known all over the world.

Born in 1970, the brand rapidly grew thanks to its high-level handcraft, its creative genius and its premium materials.

In the 80s, the “Mignon” model, the first Loriblu’s success, pushed the company on the international markets. Innovative and simple, this shoe marked the brand’s history. Indeed, back in these years, wearing a 7-centimeter high-heel shoe was a revolution. Gold, silver and rainbow colours of the Mignon model, the blu sole and the delicate bind of different leathers are all key to define Loriblu.


The curvy silhouette and the heel help to enhance the glamour and feminine expression of this timeless shoe, ideal to wear in special occasions or in everyday life: an aperitif with friends, a romantic dinner or a job interview.

Loriblu is a must-have that we should find in every woman’s wardrobe because nothing can change an outfit more than an astonishing pair of high-heel shoes. 

Loriblu represents the climax of refinement, luxury and feminism. It can be seen not only in party or ceremony footwear but also in boots, sneakers and pumps. Precious, elegant and ultra-glam, the brand is above all synonymous of rigorous Made in Italy handcraft work.

A woman can barely resist in front of a splendid Loriblu’s pair of shoes. Come visit the store!

"The Apartment". Here is this fashion film's title which celebrates the caleidoscopical symphony of accessories and shoes collections colours. The company continues to work to represent at best the combination of handcraft know-how with contemporaneous design and maintain its own style.

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