Open For Dreams

A capsule collection designed by MITA students for Barberino Designer Outlet

How is fashion seen today through the eyes of young design enthusiasts? We asked students from the MITA Made In Tuscany Academy and they responded with a collection of 23 unique pieces that tell stories of inclusion, possibility, and freedom of expression.

Larissa Iapichino McArthurGlen Mita_1

We decided to challenge young fashion students from our area to re-imagine fashion today, reflecting on the changes brought about by the pandemic, lifestyle and new issues of our time such as equality, and the environment.

Larissa_Iapichino McArthurglen Mita_2

The result is a capsule collection made up of 23 unique pieces inspired by the values of inclusiveness and environmental responsibility.
Clean and comfortable lines designed to dress different bodies all in one size in sustainable materials that are pleasant to wear. Essential, unisex style.
Each garment has been conceived, designed, modeled, and sewn by hand.
Larissa_Iapichino McArthurglen Mita_3

The garments are made by MITA students, the first technical institute for fashion professions in Florence to give young graduates highly qualified job opportunities in the made in Italy sector.

Larissa Iapichino McArthurglen Mita_4

Can you see the garments in person? Of course.
We have set up a completely dedicated showcase in our Center. You just have to come and visit us. We remind you that the project is the expression of a common desire, to invest in young people and in our territory, encouraging the fashion system to reflect on its social message with an eye to the future, environmental responsibility, and inclusiveness. For this reason, the proceeds of the initiative will be entirely donated to charity.


Browse the catalog and contact Guest Services to check availability, payment, and delivery methods.

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