Hamaki Ho

Hamaki Ho

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Hamaki-Ho, Neapolitan tailoring with a cosmopolitan soul

Hamaki-Ho. A name with a Japanese flavour that comes from the term used to identify the Geisha districts of Kyoto, known as “Hanamachi”: Hamaki is in fact a softer version of this word, while the suffix "Ho" is a reference to the Miyagawa–cho quarter. 

This is not a casual reference: a Geisha is defined as "she who performs art" expressing (through artistic disciplines) a unique and sophisticated beauty.


A cosmopolitan soul does not seek a place, but a style.

Creativity, taste, art and refinement represent the essence of Hamaki-Ho. And the influence of Japanese culture is just one example of the numerous international themes that inform the brand's style.

Well-fitting lines, clean shapes, innovation and research into materials: this is how Hamaki-Ho acknowledges and promotes its origins, which are based in Italian, and more specifically, Neapolitan tailoring, uniting them with a constantly evolving cosmopolitan soul inspired by the world and bringing to life a unique and exclusive product.

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