Rebel Queen

Rebel Queen

New Opening on Saturday 10 November

Rebel Queen is a new project by the brand Liu Jo. Eclectic and versatile mood, suitable for all occasions.

The woman Rebel Queen has an indipendent and casual attitude. She’s open to the world and is able to mix and match masculin and sartorial taste pieces to obtain light and delicate silhouettes.
She loves to mix different styles, always metropolitan, unconventional and untaggable.
Her wardrobe ranges from cozy sweaters to baggy trousers, from the rocky skinny to the fluid vintage blouse, from sinuous dresses to oversize coats. Everything coexists in a balanced and easy-to match manner.

This openly sensual woman, uses a soft and whispered language to express her self-confident and contemporary personality.

Rebelqueen is a new project by the brand Liu Jo, born to capture a more miscellaneous and unformal public. It pursues its businees through weekly capsules of fresh and trendy product, so to update and renew the assortment in the POS continuously. Rebel Queen’s added value is its continuous search for trends and details.
Outwear and knitwear describe the identity of the brand particularly well, although the collection was thought and designed in a total look perspective. Its mood is eclectic and versatile, suitable for all occasions.

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