Videocittà Festival

Il festival della visione

We will host the opening stage of Videocittà Festival with Universal Everything's art installations, which explore the creative and scientific developments of kinetic artificial intelligence

About Universal Everything

Everything is a visionary design studio exploring bold new forms of moving image through self-initiated and commissioned film and interactive work.

Their work is imbued with life and imagination, exploring human movement and figurative forms and pushing the boundaries of how human digital art can be.
They direct highly acclaimed commissioned work for brands, artists and cultural institutions and embrace collaborative thinking to conduct pioneering research and development into new forms of natural representation.
Their portfolio includes highly acclaimed commissioned work for artists, cultural institutions and brands including Apple, Samsung, Hyundai, Chanel, Radiohead, Barbican, MOMA and Sydney Opera House.
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Future You by Universal Everythingerything

Have you ever imagined a stylized digital version of yourself? An experience that will be possible at Castel Romano Designer Outlet through the installations Future You by Universal Everything, a project curated by Videocittà that anticipates the 5th edition of the Festival of Vision, which will also be held in Rome in a few weeks.

In the two long weekends of June 17 and 23, large installations of interactive motion-capture graphics will be set up in the main squares of the Designer Outlet of the capital, which will make it possible for the active and emotional participation of visitors to real works of art. digital.
To experience the Future You experience, simply position yourself in front of the installations and you will receive a reflection of yourself and at the same time of your potential. Starting from the 'capture' of movement, this interactive work of art adapts to people's gestures generating 47,000 possible variations.

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