Ham Holy Burger

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Enjoy your meal with Ham Holy Burger! You are welcome to taste our Piedmont Fassona burgers, white meats, vegan and gluten-free patties and discover a wide selection of grilled meat cuts. You'll also find salads, appetizers, potatoes, desserts and even a tailored menu for your children. All our ingredients are of the best quality and 100% Italian.You will find our menu also on an iPad, sitting at your table for as long as you want: you can use it to order and request the billy ourself, to play, surf, write and take pictures.

Our philosophy, or even better our "religion", is based on the research of the best Italian raw materials, respecting nature, seasonality and the natural cycles of life of the ingredients we use. We aim to be sustainable, ecofriendly and attentive to the overall health of the planet we live in.

Choose Ham Holy Burger. Choose the HOLY Italian Flavor!


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Serravalle Designer Outlet is conveniently located for easy access from Milan, Genoa and Turin. Drive from Milan in an hour, Genoa in 45 minutes and Turin in under 90 minutes.

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