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Rodel Spa was founded in 1953 thanks to the extraordinary entrepreneurial skills of Giacomo Rocca. Cinzia Rocca, the only daughter of the late Giacomo Rocca, was the inspiration to create his own line of clothing in the 1980s.
Together; brothers Jacopo Rocca (President) and Matteo Rocca (CEO) have developed Rodel Spa to have a strong worldwide expansion. 

The brand prides itself mainly on tradition and innovation. By ‘tradition’ we mean that all products are manufactured by tailors, with extreme attention to detail from fabrics to workmanship. All products undergo a process of highly skilled labour made up of 300 tailors. By ‘innovation’ we mean that Rodel is a modern and well-structured company.

Every single Cinzia Rocca garment is exclusively created, produced and controlled by the Head office near Brescia.
Cinzia Rocca is a prime example of how the “Made in Italy” label is truly Made in Italy.


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