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The L’Autre Chose S.p.a. company, founded in 1959, started as a small family business but with a prominent position amongst the footwear designers of the Marche region thanks to the particularly sophisticated style and the use of innovative materials. In 1987 was created the new collection under the brand L'Autre Chose, literally the "other thing", that summarises the concept of a clear difference, a different approach to the world of footwear.

The L'Autre Chose style can be defined as feminine, innovative, contemporary and essential. Ordered with a twist. Known for chic aesthetics with free approach to life, from leather to silk print, from the crafts details to the essential silhouette. Any l'Autre Chose product is truly unique as it represents the result of the perfect balance between research and tradition, the elegant mix of refined and raw materials, the pleasant harmony of the French allure with an Italian touch and offers tough contemporary shapes and colours.

The first Ready-to-Wear Collection was launched in 2005.
The RTW represents the second leg of the brand and contributes, season by season, to build up the brand image as a global brand. In addition, the Company is reinforcing the product offer integrating the collection assortment with leather goods and boutique accessories.


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