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Lisanza, Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore, Italy 1920.

Liberata Bodio after having learned the art of knitwear by making socks, gloves and sweaters for the families of soldiers at war on the Karst front decides to pour out her enthusiasm by founding Maglificio Lisanzese, giving life to its brand "Lisanza".

A hundred years of extremely precious natural yarns began, woven to make knitwear, lingerie and corsetry that deserve to be in contact with the skin.

Lisanza immediately became the protagonist of Made in Italy women's underwear and with great expertise and mastery went through various stages of creative evolution, expanding the range of its products.

Strengthened by the spirit of its founder and the excellence of her creations, today her name echoes in boutiques throughout Europe, passing through Moscow and reaching the great capitals of the Far East.


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