Daniel Hechter Racing Suit

Daniel Hechter Racing Suit

Keep Control

In collaboration with Renault Sport Formula Oneā„¢ Team, Daniel Hechter introduces an ultra performant suit enabling to regulate the body temperature.

In the scope of its partnership with Renault Sport Formula One™ Team, the ready to wear brand developed a smart suit that enables the body’s thermo-regulation. This innovation is possible thanks to the 37.5® technology.

Microscopic natural particles derivated from active carbon of coconut shell and volcanic sand are infused within the suit fibers. These particles absorbs infrared from human body and release the energy evaporating the moisture when it is hot and keeping the warm when it is cold. This process helps you zone in on a personal microclimate of ideal relative humidity and core body temperature: 37.5% relative humidity and 37.5°C giving its name to the technology.

Following its success in the activewear universe, Daniel Hechter is proud to introduce for the first time ever this technology to the suiting market. Now available at our Daniel Hechter store.

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