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From more colour in your wardrobe, to statement investment pieces that last a lifetime, these are the fashion resolutions that completely match your style.

fashion to live for

Fashion to live for

Statement items are real eye-catchers. It changes your look completely and perhaps most importantly: it can make your outfit even more personal and recognisable. Invest in unique statement pieces that will last a lifetime, such as a leather jacket, a colourful dress or an eye-catching bag.

Use this season to make your dreams come true. Have you been dreaming of that one designer bag for years? Or have you been looking for affordable designer shoes for a long time? Make it happen! Look for longlasting pieces who are worth investing in. 

fashion lives inside you

Fashion lives inside you
Your style comes from within, but it can be reinforced on several sides. For example, by adding more colour to your wardrobe. Black, grey and white are easy to combine and therefore you might choose these items more easily and are great for the basics. Force yourself to wear more colour once in a while, especially on days when you don't feel like it. You'll notice that the cheerfulness of the colours in your clothes will be picked up by your mood!

Do you know how you can boost your style too? By discovering new brands. It's easy to get into the habit of shopping at the same place. While there's nothing wrong with that, it's a shame not to keep it fresh, especially when there are so many other talented designers out there. Step outside your comfort zone and try something from a brand you're not so familiar with yet! And believe me, we have lots of them.

Recycle your fashion
In order to avoid an ever-growing landfill, it's a good idea not to throw away unnecessary clothes. Did you know that clothing is responsible for more than 2 million tonnes of waste per year in Europe? It is better to give them a new life.

How? It's easy! Together with CTR Group we have made it possible for you to recycle your old clothes, just at our Designer Outlet in Roosendaal. All items of clothing are welcome and as a thank you for your donation you will receive a 10% Privilege Card that can be used at all participating brands. This way you can give your old clothes a second life and make some space for fresh new items, win-win!

Want to know more about how donating your clothes works?

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