Seasonal highlights

Discover a new world of seasonal specialties at our restaurants and cafés

Discover our amazing selection of restaurants and cafés this season and be inspired by their incredible seasonal specialties. Treat your tastebuds to an explosion of flavours at The Burger Federation, La Place, Pommes Frites, Senso Gelato and more.


Specialty drinks and authentic ice creams

Battle against the summer heat with a cooling frappucino from Starbucks, which will surely help you survive on those hot summer days. Either choose to sit down at our main Starbucks location or grab a cold (or hot!) beverage at our Starbucks-to-go if you want to continue shopping right away. Rest assured, their selection of summer specials is something you do not want to miss out on.

If you are craving for real, authentic Italian gelato, bring a visit to the Gelateria by Senso Gelato. An almost endless number of flavours are ready for you to be selected and enjoyed. Bring your friends and family with you and enjoy the summer feeling with their special ice cream flavours. 
Summer classics

Summer refreshments and classic favourites

Fans of La Place are in for a treat this season, as they have an incredible selection of fresh smoothies, juices and sandwiches on offer. Give yourself a boost with a strawberry smoothie and enjoy a delicious mozarella sandwich with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and a tasty mustard-based sauce. 

If you are bigger fan of the classic chicken nuggets, Big Mac burgers and the famous sundae ice creams, head over to McDonalds and treat yourself to these all-time classics that everyone is so familiar with. You can also enjoy some fresh coffee and salads here, so do not limit your options to the more familiar offerings only.
Burger lover

Time for a cheat meal

All of us are trying to follow a well balanced diet but we deserve a good burger or some nice fries once in a while. Treat yourself to some incredible burgers at The Burger Federation this season and we will guarantee you that you want to come back for more. Only the best ingredients are used to create one-of-a-kind burgers that you will definitely enjoy. Not a big fan of burgers? Try out the legendary fries from Pommes Frites, which are loved by many centre visitors. Add a typical Dutch snack such as a frikandel or kroket to your order for the full experience.

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