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The Dutch family business Kookcomfort was founded in 1868. The brand has everything in the field of cooking and dining. Kookcomfort guarantees high-quality craftsmanship: quality products with a lifetime warranty. The brand has beautiful pans and cutlery for everyday moments or special occasions. Kookcomfort offers beautiful cutlery for every situation. From everyday dinners to special occasions.

The internationally recognized cutlery range is available in various styles. This allows you to choose classic or modern cutlery. There is also a wide choice of materials. Think of chrome, steel, stainless steel and silver-plated. When choosing a cutlery set, you can choose the number of people and the version.

In addition to the cutlery sets, you can also pass the most beautiful pans at Kookcomfort. Kookcomfort produces innovative pan sets and baking and roasting items sustainable quality. From single frying pans to 4-piece pan sets. As with the cutlery, the pans are also available in different materials and styles. For example, you can go for a pan of environmentally friendly material from the Kookcomfort Fair cooking series or comfortable pans from the Kookcomfort comfortline.


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