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Since 1996 we are explorers who are looking for inspiration, excitement, challenges and magical moments that arouse our endless curiosity. It is in our Dutch blood. The SINNER collections all start with the inspiration we derive from personal experiences in life.

In the SINNER collection you will find everything you need to protect yourself from the elements. Warmth or cold, sun or snow, water sports or winter sports: whatever the circumstances are, with the complete collection of SINNER you will be optimal protected. Our range for the summer includes: sunglasses, sports glasses, slippers, bags, backpacks and various summer accessories. We also develop high-tech products for winter sports, such as ski / snowboard goggles, sunglasses, helmets, backpacks, hats, gloves and many accessories.

There is a SINNER in all of us, whether you like it or not. We are unique. You too. Because we believe in ourselves and our passion, we overcome almost every obstacle and let our dreams come true. We are on our way. Traveling to experiences and realizing our goals. We travel around the world for our campaigns and inspiration. Enjoy our spectacular journey. Follow your dreams just like us!


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Designer Outlet Roosendaal is closer by than you think! Only 30 minutes drive from Rotterdam and Antwerp and 20 minutes drive from Breda. Also with easy access by public transport.

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