Make-A-Wish come true

Make-A-Wish come true

From 15 December in Designer Outlet Rosada

Help us to make, not only your wish, but also anothers come true. Visit our Christmas tree, donate €2,- and make your wish for Make-A-Wish. Maybe your wish will come true!


Each day an average of 3 families in the Netherlands receive the news that their child has a serious, sometimes even life-threatening disease. Make-A-Wish wants to give all young patients between 3 and 18 years old extra power for the future. Make-A-Wish does that by fulfilling their dearest wish.


Make wishes come true

By donating a small amount of €2,-, you can help Make-A-Wish fulfill dreams of young patients. Additionally, Designer Outlet Rosada will realize some of your wishes. Al you have to do is visit our Christmas tree, donate and fill-in your wish. And maybe your wish will come true!


Valid untill Januari 6th


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