2023 Charity of the year

The British Heart Foundation

We are proud to support The British Heart Foundation our 2023 charity of the year.

British Heart Foundation

Charity Partner of the Year 2023

We are delighted to announce The British Heart Foundation, as our new charity partnership for 2023.

Volunteers from the charity will be working in partnership with us throughout the year across a variety of activities and events to raise money.

Stay tuned for the activities on this page as they launch throughout the year.


Who are The British Heart Foundation?

We are proud to support the British Heart Foundation (BHF) as our charity of the year for 2023.


Heart attacks that strike without warning, strokes that shatter futures, newborn babies born with broken hearts. These are just some of the cruelties of heart and circulatory diseases. And the brutal reality is, there is so much more for science to discover before we can beat the world’s biggest killers.   


That’s why the British Heart Foundation exists. Funding research is how we change the game. And we all have a role to play. The tools we have at our disposal today - from heart transplants and pacemakers to stents and portable defibrillators - are all down to research. Research made possible by people like you, supporting people like us.   


Since our creation in 1961, we have achieved so much, including helping to halve the number of people dying from heart and circulatory diseases in the UK each year.


But there is still so much that needs to be done.


Around 7.6 million people in the UK are currently suffering with some form of heart problem. Today, more women die from a coronary-related condition than of breast cancer. Over 200,000 people in Kent alone are suffering with a heart or circulatory disease and over a hundred babies are born a year in Kent with a congenital heart defect.


The BHF is currently funding over 1,200 research projects, 480 lead researchers and 306 PhD students across the UK who are leading the way into ground-breaking and life-saving research that could, one day, save the life of someone you love.


When we join forces, we can make the impossible possible. We can take the best and brightest ideas from scientists’ minds and help turn them into treatments you can get at your GP. Research can save your life and your family’s lives. But without you? It all stops tomorrow.   


Medical breakthroughs don’t just happen. Driven by you and your donations and the awe-inspiring research we fund, we make them happen together.  

After all, we all have a heart that matters to others…


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