The new summer menu has arrived

With a whole new range of nourishing dishes including the new Kokoro bowls which are lighter, fulfilling and all under 650 calories!

wagamama have created a space on their new menu this summer called ‘Kokoro bowls’. ‘Kokoro’ is a Japanese word, which has no direct translation, but means “spirit, heart + mind”, so is a good term to use when talking about someone’s soul i.e. “he has a good Kokoro”.

Featuring the following dishes, firstly their collaborative new dish with vegan chef Gaz Oakley, the Avant gard’n including bbq glazed seitan + fresh veg, resting on a bed of brown rice but the real hero is the vegan egg made with creamy miso infused coconut + sriracha mayo.

The naked Katsu, a twist on the classic curried chicken on rice topped with fresh edamame beans and a side of Katsu sauce the Katsu you love but less than 650 calories!

The Nuoc Cham tuna, seared tuna steak marinade in a tangy nuoc cham dressing sitting on a bed of quinoa and vibrant vegetables. refreshed and perfect to nourish your soul.

Welcome to the bench, a new noodle. introducing the Mokutan soba. ‘mokutan’ means charcoal in japanese. these noodles form a bold bed for two fillets of tender miso cod, bok choi +  fresh veg. bold in appearance. bright in flavour.