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Meet the Wilderness Explorers

Meet the Wilderness Explorers

Take a look inside our suitcase

For the adventurer taking things off the beaten track, the Wilderness Explorer is all about packing right - but packing light.

Whether they’re headed deep in the the heat of Africa on a safari trek, or backpacking across the cities and mountains of Europe, those wilderness explorers are all a little wanderlust. Packing for an adventure is about keeping it smart and light. It’s about taking items that can be mixed and matched - like a mini capsule wardrobe of clean lines, neutral colours and lightweight fabrics. It’s about exploring new destinations - but always looking stylish along the way.  

The key to packing for any wilderness explorer is picking light fabrics - ones that can be layered for warmth or worn solo to cool down. Soft natural cottons in minimalist wearable shades like khaki and white make for easy options, with T-shirts, shirts and blouses are a must for any wilderness explorer. And don’t forget to pack something waterproof - just in case!  

This is where fashion meets function. The wilderness explorer needs to have pockets - and zipped pockets are even better for keeping those essentials safe. Think relaxed shorts and chinos in shorter lengths, and when it comes to colour stone will work with anything.  

When it comes to packing your essentials, it’s about stylish items that can hold their own when the terrain gets tough. Strong and sturdy footwear is a must, along with hard wearing luggage in canvas or leather. Add some colour to your wardrobe with yellow or green leather accessories and of course a staple pair of designer tortoise sunglasses.   

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