Stylish Dining

Stylish Dining

Where to dine at Cheshire Oaks

As our McDonalds is due a makeover, they will be closed from Tuesday 3rd July, 6pm until Thursday 13th September. Don't fret as we’re here to help with our eateries edit. With over 18 cafes and restaurants within the centre to help tickle you taste buds, there’s something to please even the most fussy eater!

Food is not just eating energy. It's an experience.

Guy Fieri

Ed's Easy Diner

Ed's authentic retro-American diner that captures the spirit of the American Dream! Iconic beats and classic diner seats! Let them transport you to another world! Their 50's vibe, feel good attitude and upbeat tempo will ensure you're smiling throughout your meal.


A little ginger to warm you up, chillies that kick, and noodles to nourish the body and soul. The asian inspired menu has been created to soothe, nourish, sustain and inspire. Pick from all kinds of rice and noodle dishes, alongside fresh salads and shareable sides. There are desserts, fresh juices, hot drinks, wine, sake and expertly crafted asian beers too!


Experience the true taste of Italy at Carluccio's caffè. Their aim is to provide great quality, authentic Italian food at sensible prices. The service is informal but excellent and leaves diners returning time and time again. Try their delicious, summer menu today. 


Café Rouge

The chefs and food are at the heart of everything Café Rouge do. Bruno Balle, Executive Chef, is constantly checking the kitchens of excellence and liaising with head chefs to ensure all the authentic, dishes are the best. The use of fresh ingredients and traditional French kitchen cooking methods ensure classic and delicious Rouge recipes all day evey day.  

For those avoiding meat, fish and dairy many of our eateries have vegetarian and vegan options. Why not try a delicious new dish from our selection of veggie-friendly restaurants today!

Wagamama, YO! Sushi, Carluccio's, Pizza Express, Pret a Manger


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