Adidas Run Genie

The Run Genie gait sensor will pair you with the right running shoe

Experience the new running innovation in-store today

Introducing our new in-store experience “Run-Genie”. Run genie is a tablet based app that monitors a pair of shoe pods attached to a customer’s trainer, which reports back to the app data including heel strike, pronation and supination. Based on the collected data the app then recommends different models of Adidas shoes for purchase.

The customer is also sent a follow up e-mail with more purchasing information, availability, promotions, etc.


Where and by whom has the Run Genie Classification Guide been developed?

Internally by experts from the adidas Group Future and Running team, in collaboration with the University of Calgary, a leading research facility that studies the biomechanics of locomotion and running, which was consulted to develop the classification guide used by Run Genie.

Which are the key influencers/drivers to recommend shoes?

Based on the guidelines from the Running Team:

  • Foot Strike and Foot Alignment 
  • Terrain
  • Frequency


How does the shoe recommendation function work?

Run Genie provides a consumer with shoe recommendations that are based on the consumer’s Run Genie results, specific to his/her gait classification and interview answers.

If a consumer’s foot classification is not the same (for both feet), Run Genie will always recommend shoes based upon the most extreme issue affecting the runner, e.g.

If pronator and supinator exist: Then Run Genie suggests shoes to address pronation.


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