Local Businesses at East Midlands Designer Outlet

We've got a whole host of local businesses here at East Midlands Designer Outlet

Shop local when visiting the centre with our selection of local favourites from doughnuts, coffee and more.


Down to your final quid? The obvious thing to do is to start making and selling delicious doughnuts. Well, that’s what we did back in 2015 anyway.
Wade Smith and Megan Scaddan kicked things off in mum’s kitchen with a tenner and a wok. Before they knew it, they had themselves a micro-bakery and their own coffee and doughnut shop in Nottingham.

We’re not talking your usual doughnuts either, oh no. These doughnuts are handmade, coming rough and ready with all manner of mouth-watering toppings. We’ve even got vegan doughnuts, because we’ve got your backs, you vegan champs.

The Filthy Vegan

So the Filthy Vegan began in 2019 when two friends were sat in a living room, with no choice for a vegan takeaway. We decided to make our own, shared it with the local community for free and then began selling the homemade kebabs from our kitchen at home. It snowballed to 100 orders a week, separating orders by postcode and asking friends to help deliver…

Within weeks we had grown and were asked to attend events such as the Nottingham Christmas Market & Leeds Festival. We opened our own restaurant in 2020, but that was quickly ended by COVID-19 & moved to a dark kitchen later that year…from there we have continued to grow, attending a dozen of the UKs biggest Festivals this year including Glastonbury, F1 @ Silverstone, Leeds & Reading and of course Download Festival.

200 degrees | East Midlands Designer Outlet

Some time, several years ago, two bar owners wanted to serve the best possible cup of coffee to their customers. Thus began a search, that started a journey, which became an obsession, and lead to two men being alone in the corner of a garage (with a coffee roaster) until finally, in 2012, they created 200 Degrees Coffee and decided to show it to the World, starting with Nottingham and now, East Midlands Designer Outlet.

So why did we call ourselves 200 DEGREES? It's because we roast our coffee a slightly lower temperature than normal of 200 degrees centigrade that yields it's smoother, deeper taste. We then serve our coffee at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so it made sense to us.

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